The Advantages of Working with EL Wire

Electroluminescent wire demonstrates a number of significant advantages over comparable forms of lighting. Many sign-makers, artists and craftsmen are taking more advantage of the unique qualities of EL wire in a wide variety of applications. Neon and fluorescent lighting is delicate and easily broken, as well as difficult and costly to manufacture and install. In contrast, EL wire is incredibly strong and flexible, can be assembled and installed in just minutes, and consumes very little energy.

Provided it is installed and connected correctly, EL wire is extremely safe for practically any application. It burns without generating any heat, eliminating the possibility of fire hazards (and greatly increasing the number of ways it can be applied).

Lighting Effects and Crafting with EL wire

Interior Design

EL wire’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is fairly cheap and easy to create interesting effects such as pulses and dynamic patterns. When it comes to EL Wire’s interior design applications, it can be quickly and easily installed as subtle accents hidden behind ceiling cornices or underneath countertops and furniture.

It also makes great safety lighting for staircases, dark pathways and corridors in public spaces like restaurants or outdoor venues.

EL Wire can be used in creative decore arrangements or artistic projects

EL (Electroluminescent) wire being used for Illumination, Electroluminescent Coating and for Safety and Awareness


With the increasing popularity of night running and cycling, more and more urban athletes are using EL wire for safety and visibility on the roads. Because of its low energy usage, even a small battery pack can power metres of EL wire for several hours.

It can be easily attached to clothing and bicycles with cable ties, Velcro, glue or thread for an interesting and eye-catching look as well as an effective safety feature.

Art, Craft & Design

Probably EL wire’s most popular application lies in modern art, craft and product design. Unlike LED or string lights, EL wire is a continuous string of light, creating a solid glow and sleek, modern look. In addition to holiday decorations, EL wire is commonly used in costumes and fashion design, artworks and sculptures.

EL technology has created a brand new breed of light artists, who continue to innovate and push the limits of this versatile material.

EL (Electroluminescent) wire is perfect for Modern Art, Fashion Design, Light Up String, brand activations and Craft & Design
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