AfrikaBurn and the EL Wire that flows through it.

Electroluminescent wire (EL wire) is a thin, phosphor coated, copper wire that glows when an electrical current is applied to it. This awesome product has an incredible span of applications ranging from vehicle and structural illumination to safety and emergency lighting to toys and even clothing.

We have stocked EL wire for quite some time, but one thing we noticed was an unbelievable spike in EL wire sales (sometimes even running out of stock all together) around the beginning of the year, especially as we got closer to April. We weren’t quite sure what this uptick in sales was caused by until one day a little light was shed on the situation. One of our staff members attended the iconic festival known as Afrikaburn, and reported that EL wire seemed to cover a vast majority of things there, from people to structures, to vehicles, pretty much anything that could be decorated seemed to have an EL wire touch added to it!

Electroluminescent Wire and AfrikaBurn - the connection

EL wire is a remarkably cost effective lighting decoration that is easy to mould into any pattern or shape you can come up with, meaning that there are barely no limitations to what can be done with it. Come up with any design you can think of and make it glow in a variety of colours. Wrap your dog up in it and go on a night run, decorate your man cave, illuminate your kid’s disco party or explore new concepts on your next artistic masterpiece.

Art Sculpture made using EL Wire.Bracelet made using EL WireArt decorations made using EL WireEl Wire Human Art Exhibitions
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